Philanthro(Pink) Program

What's the best way to give back? The answer came to us one day while we were discussing ways to integrate nonprofits into our mission.

With the color pink being connected to breast cancer awareness, we knew we needed to begin building an area for survivors. But the ideas didn't stop there. When we began to really dig into our mission, we realized the word "survivor" can mean so many different things to so many different people. As a small company we are still in the beginning stages of this program but we made a decision to start with three areas we connect with through our brand, our mission, and our favorite color. 

Linking breast cancer awareness to consumers is one avenue we are taking. We also realize there's a huge problem with human trafficking and so many who have survived a lifestyle they never dreamed they would encounter. We want to recognize those who have come out on top and find ways to help stop human trafficking. Another area that fits our mission is female empowerment. We know that bullying is a big cause for concern especially in teen years. We also know girls go through major changes between the ages of 10-15 and our mission is to provide happiness and strength to these girls by building them up to become happy, strong women. 

Through all these ideas came one big impact we can make together. When consumers shop with us, they are able to make a donation at checkout to one of our partner nonprofits. We are working to build that in our system currently but for now, we are asking our customers to include their chosen cause in our note box at checkout. We will donate 10% toward that cause because we have strong feelings about how we can make an impact in the lives of others. 

Another way we will be giving back is through working with schools, corporations, and organizations to help they have an amazing Pink Out Experience! Our goal is to connect schools or businesses with nonprofits pertaining to breast cancer and giving back to both while at the same time assisting to create awareness and a unique, pink event!

 Click HERE to see a list of our Philanthro(Pink) Partners